Remington Primers

Primers Gun Powder is your one-stop shop for reloading supplies. We are the largest supplier of all primer brands because we give excellent service and low wholesale pricing. CCI, Federal, Remington Primers, Winchester, and Cheddite are among the brands available.

We have reloading supplies for handguns, rifles, shotshells, and muzzleloaders. Powder and primers are packaged together in a single box for a single hazardous price.

Whether you need a thousand primers or a large quantity, we have you covered. We stock everything you need for reloading, including reloading powder, primers, bullets, brass, and reloading equipment.

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Remington Primers For Sale

Buy Remington Primers Online. Remington understands the importance of having the highest quality ammunition available to make your rifle function to its maximum potential as a leader in both the firearms and ammunition industries.

This begins with employing the greatest components available for producing ammo.

These are the identical primers that Remington utilizes in the manufacture of their own ammunition, and they perform to their exacting standards.

If you want to get the most out of your handgun, you must start with the best, which is why reloaders use Remington components in their loads.

The primer is a set of subcomponents built to extremely precise tolerances in every Remington.

The dimensions of the primer cup are controlled to.0001′′, and the priming mix is precisely prepared for consistent ignition with a wide range of powder types.

Primers are tested for dependability at temperatures ranging from -20 to +150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even with off-center firing pin strikes, the innovative tripod anvil design offers a bigger strike area with maximum sensitivity.

Who makes Remington Primers Now?

When Vista Outdoor took over Remington Ammunition, it began by rehiring furloughed employees.

With Vista’s supply network, supply bottlenecks were alleviated, and manufacturing lines sprang back to life.

Where are Remington Primers Made?

Our innovative sporting and hunting ammo is loaded in Lonoke, Arkansas by American craftsmen and guarantees to do the job every time the trigger is pushed.

We’re here at Remington Ammunition for anyone who loads a round of ammo into a handgun, rifle, or shotgun.

Are Remington Rifle Primers Any Good?

They work great. Use them as you would any other large rifle primer.

What size Remington Primer for 9mm?

Surprisingly, the 1½ primer is also listed for the 9mm Luger, the 9mm +P and . 38 Super. These latter calibers are not low pressure.

The 9mm Luger has a SAAMI (Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute) pressure limit of 35,000 psi, and the +P version’s limit is 38,500 psi.

Is Remington still Manufacturing?

Roundhill Group LLC purchased the Remington Arms and non-Marlin Firearms businesses and now operates them under the holding firm RemArms LLC.

Vista Outdoor purchased the Remington brand name and the Lonoke ammunition factory, and now utilizes it to sell and produce various types of ammunition.