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Reloading Primers For Sale is a handgun or rifle component that delivers the spark that ignites the gun powder. This triggers combustion, ejecting the ammo from the rifle barrel.

Some experts characterize the primer as a rocket engine or tiny volcano that expels burning slag into the cartridge to blend with the gunpowder.

What are the Major Primer Manufacturers in the U.S.?

The major manufacturers of primers in the U.S include:

  • Winchester Ammunition, based in Oxford, Mississippi, and East Alton, Illinois
  • Cascade Cartridge Inc., also known under the abbreviation CCI, based in Lewiston, Idaho
  • Federal Premium Ammunition, based in Anoka, Minnesota
  • Remington Ammunition, based in Lonoke, Arkansas

These top companies supply primers for law and military enforcement as well as civilians.

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What are the Primers Manufactured in the U.S. Made of?

The primers made in the United States are non-corrosive and non-mercuric in nature. Antimony sulfide, lead styphnate, and barium nitrate are among the ingredients utilized in primer manufacture.

What are the Most Common sizes for Primers?

Though primer sizes vary per manufacturer, the most common sizes include:

  • Small rifle primers, which are approximately .120 inches tall and .175 inches in diameter
  • Small pistol primers, which are designed for handguns and are similar in size to small rifle primers
  • Large rifle primers, which have a height of .128 inches and a width of .212 inches
  • Large pistol primers, which have a height of .120 inches and a width of .212 inches

The size of the primer required is determined by the caliber of your ammunition.

If you’re unsure about which primer to use, contact Primers Gun Powder. We’d be delighted to point you in the correct direction!

How do I re-prime my Cases

To re-prime:

  • First you need to de-prime using a de-priming die or sizing die.
  • Next clean the primer pockets, with various tools available, to remove the carbon buildup.
  • Clean your cases and trim/chamfer if necessary.
  • Now your cases are ready to insert the new primer. This is done by either a handheld, press mounted or bench mounted priming tool. After this step you are ready to measure and load powder.

What should I Consider when Reloading and Handling Primers?

When reloading and handling primers, consider the following:

  • Always refer to a loading manual to see which primers to use.
  • Test different primer makes to find the one that offers you the most accuracy
  • Avoid touching the primers with your hands, as oils can affect reliability.
  • Use safety glasses to protect your eyes from possible explosion and injury during priming of cases.

Can I Buy Primers Online?

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The primer is a component of ammunition that reacts chemically when struck with enough force to generate heat, which ignites the propellant charge, launching the bullet.

Handloading or reloading aficionados enjoy assembling their own cartridges, including primer, to produce more accurate rounds or simply to save money on ammo.

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What Are Reloading Primers?

Reloading primers are an important part of any loaded cartridge of ammunition. The primer ignites the powder and propels the projectile. There are numerous sorts on the market, each with its own set of functions and applications. Everything from known name brands like CCI, Winchester, and Federal is available here.

Reloading Primers For Sale 

Reloading primers can be reused and provide the necessary spark to reload ammunition. The type of primer that can be used is determined by the caliber of the firearm. Primers come in a range of sizes, so make sure you know what caliber your pistol is.

Handloaders that manufacture their own cartridges use reloading primers to generate the initiating spark in shooting a cartridge. There are many different types and sizes of reloading primers, such as regular primers, which are used in most rifles and handguns, and magnum primers. They have a brass shell and an explosive priming compound pellet that is ignited by striking a firing pin.

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When reloading your firearms, you need primers that can ignite even in cold weather. As a result, Federal has been producing its own reloading primers since 1992.

Every primer ignites every time, in all conditions. Because of the airtight seal produced during production, the brass and anvil are meant to endure 10 times longer than usual components.

The come-apart design allows the cup and anvil to be readily detached for stable reloading from beginning to end. Cheddite primers are also available for purchase in our shop.

What is in a Primer?

The primer contains a mixture of substances that perform three basic functions: an initiator, which is an explosive that initiates the process when the firing pin strikes the primer; a sensitizer, which aids in the ignition process; and a fuel, which sustains the flame and allows enough time to light the powder.

Why is there a Primer Shortage 2023?

Some of the shortage is due to the specific—and ever-changing—technology of primers, but the long and short of it is that primers are specialized high-explosive components made by only a few businesses, both in the United States and elsewhere.

Why are there no Primers available?

Supply chain disruptions have also had a significant influence on primer availability. When it comes to ammunition supplies, bullets are simple to make, brass can be reused, and powder is commonly stored by businesses (though probably not the kind you’re searching for).

Which Primers are Reloadable?

Boxer-primed ammunition is the easiest to reload. Aside from the pliability of brass, there are two key reasons for this. To begin, Boxer primer sizes are highly standardized. The majority of Boxer-primed ammunition calls for a small pistol, big pistol, small rifle, or large rifle primer.