Aguila Primers

Aguila Primers are a non-corrosive primer for modern handgun loads. These high quality primers guarantee reliable ignition in any weather conditions. Known for providing ammunition for a wide variety of calibers from the standard to the unique, Aguila offers high-quality components that perform flawlessly with remarkable consistency in both velocity and accuracy.

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Aguila Primers Review

Small Pistol Primers from Aguila are a non-corrosive primer for current pistol ammunition. These high-quality primers ensure consistent ignition in all weather circumstances.

Aguila is well-known for producing ammunition in a wide range of calibers, from standard to unusual, and for offering high-quality components that work flawlessly with amazing consistency in both velocity and accuracy.

Who makes Aguila Primers?

Industrias Tecnos, S.A. de C.V., which was formed in 1961, manufactures Aguila® in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. Aguila is now one of the world’s major manufacturers of rimfire, centerfire, and shotshell ammunition, with operations in both Mexico and Texas.

Are Aquila Primers any Good?

Aguila has stepped in to manufacture primers.

I haven’t found their ammo to be particularly good, but it’s on level with the bulk of other options. Overall, I’d say it’s better than Winchester and S&B in my rifles.